About Us

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Who We Are?

We are a Gold Coast business that allows people to list their jetty's, berths and moorings so that local boat owners can find, book and rent boat berths for short and long term bookings.

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What We Do?

Essentially, we are a platform that connects boat owners with berth owners. The only option boaties have currently is to either moor their boats in dry storage, or at expensive marina's and that assuming you can even find a vacany!

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How Ejetty Works?

Berth Owners Simply list your available berth, mooring or jetty on our website and your set. Specify the features and availability of your berth and we take care of all the marketting, rent collection and payments.

Boat Owners Simply search our database of available berths that suit your requirements, request a booking and Ejetty sends your details on to the berth owner for their acceptance.

Ejetty takes care of all the payments and you only pay for the days you berth.