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Very quiet location with easy access . Power can be connected if needed.

Frquently Asked Questions

Once a booking request is made and payment information captured, a notification is sent to the Berth owner for acceptance. When the owner of the berth accepts, your payment will be processed and your booking will be confirmed.

When a reservation is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation via email. You will also be able to see all your accepted bookings on your user dashboard.

As the berth owner you have the final say in who is allowed to moore their boat on your berth. When you receive a booking request notification, you should reply to the request by either accepting or rejecting the booking request.

How much time do I have to respond to a reservation request?

There is no set time limit to reply to booking requests, however you should respond at your earliest convenvience to ensure the boat owner has enough time make berthing arrangements.

Due to privacy reasons, we do not give out the contact details for the berth owners until after a booking request is made. This is due to the fact that most berths are held at private residences.

Yes, ofcourse. Ejetty's purpose is to simplify finding and booking boat berths and moorings. You are not obliged to accept any booking and reject bookings that do not suit your requirements.

The boat owner who requested the berth booking will be waiting for your repsonse and unable to book other berths. If you will not be accepting a berth booking request, then we ask that you reject the offer as soon as possible so other booking requests can be made to other berth owners.

These are set when you list your berth. Your requirements can be updated anytime from your user dashboard.